Production of Lionel Bart’s


OPEN AUDITIONS: Oliver! The Musical

Auditions – Tuesday February 20, 6:30 – 8:00 pm and Friday February 23, 6:30 – 8:00pm
Callbacks by Directors Invitation – Saturday, February 24, 2018

Call back style audition please prepare to sing a song from the show for the desired role.

Audition, rehearsals and performances will be held at Le Grand Playhouse at Village On Grand Community Center  16275 Grand Avenue, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530  Located 15 min south of Corona, 15 min north of Temecula near the Ortega Highway entrance. This is a Community Theatre production and there is NO fee.

Performances (Six Shows) May 4, 5, 11 and 12.

Two performances on the Saturdays

Character Breakdown

(Character ages listed are guidelines only.  If you’re not that age, but you can play that age, please audition)

OLIVER (Age 10-14): workhouse boy. Soprano.  Sings “Where is Love” and other songs.

MR. BUMBLE ( Age 40-60): The large and pompous Beadle of the workhouse. Baritone. Sings “Boy For Sale”.

MRS. CORNEY (Age 30-60): The workhouse mistress. Soprano. Sings “I Shall Scream”.

MR. SOWERBERRY (Age 30+): The undertaker. Baritone. Sings “That’s Your Funeral”.

MRS. SOWERBERRY (Age 30+): The undertaker’s wife. Alto.  Sings “That’s Your Funeral”.

CHARLOTTE (Age 14-20): Rude, but flirtatious daughter of the Sowerberry’s. Sings as part of the ensemble.

NOAH CLAYPOLE (Age 14-20): The undertaker’s apprentice who bullies Oliver.  Sings as part of the ensemble.

FAGIN (Age 30+): Runs pick-pocket house for orphans. Sings “Reviewing The Situation” and other songs.

ARTFUL DODGER(Age 13 – 18): Fagin’s best pick-pocket, young teenager mentor to Oliver. Songs “Consider Yourself”.

CHARLEY BATES (Age 11 – 14): A pickpocket in Fagin’s gang.

WORKHOUSE “Children” AND FAGIN’S GANG MEMBERS: Males and females, Ages 10-18. The older ages will double as both Workhouse boys and Fagin’s Gang Members. Sing “Food Glorious Food”, “Consider Yourself”, and many other songs.

BILL SIKES (Age 20-45): A villain in his prime. Baritone.  Sings “My Name”.

NANCY (Age 20-25): A graduate of Fagin’s academy and Bill’s girlfriend. Strong Mezzo Belt.  Sings “I’d Do Anything for You”, “As Long as He Needs Me”, and others.

BET (Age 14-18): A teenage girl in Fagin’s establishment who idolizes Nancy. Alto.

MR. BROWNLOW ( Age 30+): An older gentleman of wealth and breeding. Sings as part of the ensemble.

DR. GRIMWIG ( Age 30+): The doctor. Sings in ensemble. 

MRS. BEDWIN ( Age 30+): The Brownlow’s housekeeper. Sings as part of the ensemble.

OLD SALLY  ( Age 30+): A pauper. Age 50-60+. Sings as part of the ensemble.

ENSEMBLE:  All ages to play roles as Workhouse boys, Workhouse Assistants, Bow Street Runners, Street Vendors, and Townspeople. There are featured solo lines in ensemble songs for: Pickpockets, Rose Seller, Strawberry Seller, Milk Maid, and Knife Grinder.